1 Hour Sessions 1 on 1

4 Sessions $180 $45/ea
8 Sessions $320 $40/ea
12 Sessions $420 $35/ea
* Plus Taxes

25% Discount Students and Seniors
Our Personal Trainer/Owner
Tom Daniels NASM CPT
We can handle any and all your personal training needs.  You want to lose weight, build muscle, strengthen and tone, athletic performance training for specific sports, power lifting, and even body building.

We have worked with some local High School athletes, assisting their training to break school track records at Fairfield and White Oak.  We have worked with local basketball, baseball, and softbal athletes.  We have assisted with college summer workouts for athletes.

We have assisted numerous people in their weight loss goals, losing weight and inches.
Assist to teach and train clients so they can be comfortable on their own.

We have worked with numerous Senior Citizens, to help strengthen them, add better balance, and endurance.